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Talk it out- we need to

A friend once told me, ‘mental health is unseen.’

Can’t agree to this more now than ever. This not to mention is one of the most daunting things about it.

Back in those days, it was easy for me to say ‘be positive, keep the strength, life will come to you, it will all be good one day’; harsh reality this is easier said than done.

We never like to talk about our mental health, some say it’s ‘too personal’ while others argue, ‘why should I let my guards down and show my weakness to anyone.’ Correct to each one, I guess. I know its an intense battle between your heart and mind, where your heart not in favour almost always ends up winning the debate.

I say we should talk about it because accepting and talking about it helps you get out of it. It’s like a black hole, you get pulled into more and more if you don’t resist it, the only way to resist is to talk it out. Your pain is yours and nobody I repeat nobody can bear it for you, but maybe they can make it easy by being with you. Believe it or not, sometimes even a hug helps more than hours of crying in the confines of your bedroom alone.

The big question- ‘Who do you talk about it with?’ Not everyone will understand and more so what if they judge me or make fun of me? It’s natural to look for a companion that’s how we all are, we want to find common grounds. You want to open up to someone who would be facing the same issues. And it’s fine to do so.

I took the leap of faith a few months back; getting into a very deep and emotional conversation with someone about the issues we have been facing. The turmoil of life, and the impact it is having on our mental health. Never did I think before the session that we had this common ground, we just accidentally happened to discover this side to each other. I didn’t realise when I ended up sharing weirdest of my mental crunches and receiving the same from the other end. I have to admit that helped us both. I felt relaxed more than ever the very next morning, it’s all in my mind. We didn’t talk about that conversation for weeks, I guess we were taking our time to come in terms with it, let it sink in. One day over the phone we gathered the strength to touch on it and ended up admitting how that session healed a part of us in an unknown and unintentional way. I’m pleased I did that. And I feel I should do it more often than not. Especially now with this social distancing and lockdown in place, we need it. Even the strongest of people need it.

It's not a weakness. Let's say it's more like a tinge of reality added to your personality.

Go out there and tell someone, it’s okay to not be okay.

‘Don’t let the fear of getting judged stop you from doing good things, more so when you know it’s important to do it.’

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