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Standing outside the economics laboratory waiting for my turn, I was busy scrolling through my phone when I noticed a dog pass by my feet. My fear took over me and I pulled my legs back looking at the girl holding the dog. I cursed her for bringing along a dog for an economic experiment. The whole time I kept stealing glances at the dog, it looked scary. A little later the experiment invigilator addressed us with the instruction sheet and explained it to us in detail. I watched him walk to the lady with the dog and speak to her in sign language, a sudden stint of guilt took over me as I realised that she had a disability and I had just cursed her for no fault of hers. I had just cursed because of my fear towards dog, 'how was she wrong?' 'She was not carrying along a dog to show it off' The self realisation of my mistake made me look away ashamed at my assumption, the dog who appeared scary now looked so faithful and caring to me. All the while after that I kept looking at her with the hope of apologising for my thinking. Life is all about how we see things, and the way we look at things affects our perception of it.

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